Hussain Chowdhury’s Branded Content Portfolio


Featured on this portfolio, is a collection of some of my most innovative and effective Branded Content work created from my time working at a number of media companies such as AutoTrader, Discovery Channel, Bauer Advertising, and Kids’ Virtual World / Social Network Habbo Hotel.

I’ve worked across many audience demographics and advertiser categories which shows off my versatility and ability to adapt. I am an expert in the Men’s lifestyle, Gaming, Gen Z / Millennial, Music, Entertainment, Automotive, Food, Travel, Commerce, and Social space in terms of dreaming up imaginative and effective Branded Content and Partnership programmes that add value to my client’s businesses. My main aim is to help crack my client’s business problems with ideas that deliver and are grounded in cultural insight.

My approach to brand partnerships is based on my own unique branded content planning model which I apply to all of my work, creating stunning and effective results that deliver actual ROI for my clients and has often resulted in repeat business and renewals.

I have won twelve career awards to my name which proves my work not only delivers results for my clients but is effective at solving their business problems. in terms of reaching and convincing consumers about their products. I’m available for branded content/brand partnership consultancy work, trouble-shooting or project work

Please note: I do not own the copyright to the photographs or illustrations in this portfolio. The video content., artwork, and illustrations featured were commissioned by me for projects that I worked on with the various video crews, photographers, editorial staff, art directors, designers, stylists, etc I have employed over the years to make these happen.