Tesla’s Cyber Truck – design inspired by 1980s Sci-Fi

Elon Musk certainly knows bow to launch new products to a hail of fanfare and hype. Tesla’s newest electric vehicle; known as the Cyber Truck echoes all of my childhood fantasies as a kid.

The embodiment of the aesthetics of the Cyber Truck feels like the designers have brought to life the fantasy drawings of an eight-year-old whose imagination hasn’t been beaten down by the weight of adulthood. This was designed with inspiration drawn from 1980s Sci-Fi movies like Tron and Star Ship troopers whilst listening to a soundtrack of Axel F and Africa Bambaataa. 

Oddly angular, unorthodox and just plain eye-catching, the Cyber Truck looks like it’s one step away from transforming into a warrior robot Transformers style. I love how Musk has captured futurist thinking and is helping it go mainstream. Modern car design is so boring and conformist, the design of the Cyber Truck breaks so many rules and I’m glad. Even the name of the vehicle echoes 1980s Sci-Fi culture.

Performance-wise, it appears the Cyber Truck is designed to be working vehicle for utilitarian purposes which by virtue of the Tesla badge will be adopted by opinion-formers in the City. With its chunky rugged off-road all-terrain capability, it has a range of 500 miles on one charge and can carry some pretty large loads in its payload. Optional extras include solar panels and it can carry six passengers (including the driver).

I wish more automotive designers took risks in the way Elon Musk does. I look forward to seeing these on the street but it won’t be a while as reportedly it’s not going into production till late 2021.